Professional Learning

Leannta Education Associates

We make learning enjoyable.

Leannta Education Associates work with education leaders in the UK and abroad. We collaborate with many schools and other organisations.

Leannta designs and delivers high quality professional learning in the UK with Michael Fullan, Sir John Jones, Andy Hargreaves & other world-class educators.

Leannta arranges international study tours that stimulate deep learning. Participants bring back new ideas to improve their work.

Keynotes & Workshops

Keynote / half-day / full-day workshop

with Alan Boyle

Based on the award-winning book* Big-City School Reforms by Michael Fullan and Alan Boyle, this presentation gives insights into the six push-pull forces that initiate improvement, engage support and sustain success across urban school districts. During the workshop, participants learn how system-level improvements were gained over a decade of reforms and consider how well their own organisation shapes up to these purposeful actions and what they need to do next to bring about their own improvements. These six purposeful actions apply equally to schools as well as systems.

* Outstanding Academic Award 2015 by American Libraries Association

Keynote / half-day / full-day / two-day workshop

with Alan Boyle

We all need a bit of a lift at times. Uplifting words and actions spread like a virus. We uplift others when we uplift ourselves. We raise each other’s spirits, thoughts and performance. We feel better and do good things.

Uplifting Leadership shows a powerful new idea that can transform the way we do business or run schools. Anchored by a seven-year global research study of high-flying organizations in business, education and sports, this workshop will challenge leaders in education, business and other sectors to rethink how they can act to uplift themselves and their organizations to out-perform their previous best and the rest.

This interactive workshop explores the principles of Uplifting Leadership gained from research of 18 organizations, and systems in business, sports, and public education that improved performance. It is designed for a wide range of leaders in an organization, not just those at the top. The workshop includes inspiring presentations and a range of cooperative learning activities that will engage participants working individually and in small groups.